New City Players is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, ensemble theatre company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 



We exist to stage exceptional classic and contemporary theatre that provides an emotional and transformative experience for every audience member. 



To see the people in our city experience renewal through live theatre. 



We value and commit to thorough collaboration and the beauty of multiple experiences.

We value and commit to creating intimate theatre experiences, where audiences are physically close to the actors and feel involved in the story.

We value and commit to radical hospitality. Every artist and volunteer we work with and every patron who attends our shows will be treated with the utmost respect and hospitality.

We value and are committed to our community. Overwhelmingly, the artists we hire will be South Florida residents.

We value and commit to staging powerful and poignant works of theatre that aim to provoke the calloused and offer peace to the distressed.

We value and commit to staging theatre that implores audiences to address their humanity; both the pieces that are whole and those in need of healing.

Ultimately, we would have our audiences look to their other, whomever they may be, and say, “Perhaps we’re not so different after all..."