Auditions for Macbeth and Falling

Auditions for Macbeth and Falling will be done via video submission and are due no later than March 1, 2019. Submissions received after March 1 will not be reviewed. Please email your video or video link, headshot, resume, and which shows you are auditioning for to

If auditioning for both shows you may use one video, but please perform your Macbeth audition first.

For Macbeth please prepare a 2 minute Shakespeare monologue.

For Falling please prepare a 2 minute contemporary monologue and answer the following question in the video: Consider the quote below. What excites you about the challenge of this play?

“One of the responses I received to the show was that, as one person said, 'The problem with this show is that everybody's right. It's easier if everybody's wrong...the play is really about loving someone who's hard to love.”
—Deanna Jent

A soft copy of Falling is available upon request.

Callbacks for Falling & Macbeth will be held on March 18th & 19th at Bethany Christian School, from 6PM-10PM.

Parking is available in the lot on the NE corner of 9th Street and S Federal Highway.

All roles will be paid.

Below are the shows, dates, and available roles.


Rehearsals run July 22-August 14 and will be held weekday evenings and possibly Saturdays or Sundays if necessary.

Performances: August 15-18, 22-25, 29-September 1 @ The Vanguard

Available Roles for actors of diverse ages, races, and ethnicities.


Actor 1: Duncan, Old Siward, Old Man, Third Murderer, King

Actor 2: Malcolm, Second Murderer, King

Actor 3: Donalbain, Menteth, Doctor, First Murderer, Lord, King

Actor 4: Macbeth

Actor 5: Banquo, Cathness, Seyton

Actor 6: Macduff, Sergeant, First Apparition, King

Actor 7: Lennox, King

Actor 8: Rosse, King

Actor 9: Angus, English Doctor, Porter, King

Boy: Fleance, Young Siward, Son to Macduff, Second Apparition, Third Apparition, Servant


Actor 1: Lady Macbeth, King

Actor 2: First Witch, Lady Macduff

Actor 3: Gentlewoman, Second Witch

Actor 4: Third Witch, Messenger


Rehearsals run September 16-October 9 and will be held weekday evenings and possibly Saturdays or Sundays if necessary.

Performances: October 10-13, 17-20, 24-27

Available Roles

Joshua (male, 18, with severe autism)

Tami (female, 40s, his mother)

Lisa (female, 16, his sister)

Bill (male, 40s, his father)

Grammy Sue (female, 60s, Bill’s mother)

For any questions or concerns regarding auditions, directions, or scheduling, or for a softy copy of the Falling script, please contact Company Manager, Krystal Valdes at or 786-210-8558.


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“There is a certain immortality involved in theater, not created by monuments and books, but through the knowledge the actor keeps to his dying day that on a certain afternoon, in an empty and dusty theater, he cast a shadow of a being that was not himself but the distillation of all he had ever observed; all the un-singable heart-song the ordinary man may feel but never utter, he gave voice to. And by that he somehow joins the ages.”