What does being a part of the ensemble mean?

Privileges & Responsibilities

  • Ensemble members don’t have to audition...you can just come to callbacks.

  • Ensemble members can tell the director ahead of time, “I want this role and I can’t wait to show you what I can bring to it.”

  • The director is looking to ensemble members first for the role.

  • As a director, you can precast a role out of ensemble members if you want. But you must tell the whole ensemble, and if another member is coming for that role, it’s on the table for both of them.

  • There are no guarantees for any of ensemble members.

  • Ensemble members can propose projects at newcityplayers.org/proposals.

  • Ensemble members can nominate and vote on new ensemble members at the Monthly Brief. Artists who are humble, hungry, and smart. New ensemble members approved by unanimous vote by all present.

  • Ensemble members attend NCP events whenever their schedule permits

  • Ensemble members advocate for NCP in their life and online.

  • Ensemble members go to each other’s work!

  • Ensemble members respond promptly to communications (slack, asana, email) even if just to acknowledge reception (e.g. thumbs up)