Theatre nerds only.

Want to go behind the scenes on all of NCP's productions? Want to attend readings of some of the most interesting contemporary plays? Want to engage with the art of theatre on a deeper and more conversational level? The Green Room is for you.

Next Green Room: May 6th | An Investigation of Acting Methods

This month we're going behind the curtain into the art of acting. How do actor's prepare for a role? Are there different approaches or styles of acting? And for do actors memorize ALL THOSE LINES?! All that and more. Join us!

Mark your calendar and join us all year long!

May 6, June 7, June 28, August 6, September 24, October 30, November 19, December 17

The Green Room is totally free to all, but of course donations of any size are much appreciated. For more information contact Literary Manager, Jessica Schulte at