It’s not about giving people service but rather welcoming them as guests.

The difference between service and hospitality is instead of focusing on what you can do for someone, be moved by how you can make someone feel. We are in the business of welcoming strangers into our home and providing an irresistible experience that will leave them wanting to return again and again, striving to be an oasis of rest and communion in the impatient, transient, fast paced South Florida region.


  1. ENSEMBLE: Our greatest asset is our people. They are the ones who not only make beautiful and transformative art, but they’re the first and last encounter for every guest of a welcoming spirit and attitude of gracious abundance.

  2. SETTING: As theatre artists we are obsessed with environments, designing and creating entire worlds in which we play. But we are also obsessed with constantly evaluating and improving our home spaces (The Vanguard, Collective Ventures) which guests experience long before they settle down to watch the show. The seats, the bathrooms, the floors, we strive to make sure that everything is to the highest caliber of excellence and nothing can deter a guests attention away from the power of the experience.

  3. PROCESS: Meryl Streep said that the “process is ugly”, and although that may be truth for rehearsals and discovery of characters and nuance, but when it comes to the guest’s experience we are always on the hunt to refine and edit our processes (e.g. web information, ticketing, parking). Whatever “path” a guest takes to learn about, attend, and experience one of our events, our objective is that it will be intuitive, seamless, and even enjoyable so as to set them up to get the most out of their NCP experience.


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