Are you a high school or college student interested in getting professional experience in theatre production? 

We are currently hiring production interns for our 2019 Season productions!

Interns will either be paid a small stipend or participate in an extended acting masterclass led by NCP ensemble members. Interns will assist the Stage Manager, Production Manager, and Director in multiple areas of the production such as: light/sound board operating, run crew, properties management, quick changes, construction, scenic painting, and overall production organization. 

If you are interested in applying to be a 2019 Season Intern, please fill out the form below and email a theatre experience resume with the subject line: 2019 Season Internship, to Associate Artistic Director, Ryan Maloney at



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Producing Artistic Director, Tim Davis, had the chance to sit down with Jesse Veliz, our first ever New City Players intern, and chat about his time with us in 2016. Jesse was an integral part of making our shows happen that season and is currently pursing theatre at Florida Atlantic University. Check out their conversation below:



"It's a lot of fun, you guys are awesome people, and I have a feeling that New City Players is going to make a lasting impact."



TD: Jesse, describe your experience with New City Players in 2016?

JV: For No Exit I was working backstage, opening the door for the actors coming in and out...I was great at that....I helped build the set with Ryan and I helped with strike. For The Glass Menagerie I worked backstage with all of the scene transitions and quick changes, created a prop plot, helped build the set, and helped with strike. And for Ambry I helped with scene transitions. 

TD: What did you learn while working with us?

JV: I learned how a professional theatre company many freshman in college get to say they did that? And so far the only other theatre experiences I've had were in high school where we took like 2 months to rehearse a show. With NCP it was 2 or 3 weeks and then jumping right into it...we had like, 2 or 3 days to build the set, so there was just a lot less time to do everything.

TD: Yeah the timeline is definitely condensed! What was new about the experience?

JV: I had never made a prop table before...For Glass Menagerie I was responsible for all the transitions and making sure all the props were in the right place and making sure everyone backstage knew when all the quick changes were. Especially for that show, there were a ton of props. 

TD: Ahh so you learned how to make a prop table...

JV: I did! Which is valuable now–because I just had to do that for a show–for Bug, which is a show I just worked backstage for with the APO organization at FAU–because they were all putting the props down and they were like "Has anyone done a prop table before?" and I was like [clears throat and raises hand] and I started doing it and I impressed some people. 


TD: So you were able to take what you learned with NCP and directly apply it to what you're doing in college...that's what I like to hear!

JV: Yeah I feel like I've got a head start on some things. I also hear other students saying that they just want to perform...but you have to do everything, right?

TD: Yeah. Definitely. I used to be one of those students [laughs]. 

JV: It's like important have to be able to do that stuff if you wanna pursue theatre. You can't just perform. There are like 900 things to do in a theatre. 

TD: Yeah and you're not always gonna get the part, but the show must go on. 

JV: Yeah...and it's about making connections too. I met a lot of new actors which was really cool. 

TD: So once the shows were up and running was anyone from the production staff helping you or directing you?

JV: No, everyone was doing their own jobs. The actors were always very concentrated backstage and the director was out in the house watching...the Stage Manager was in the booth...I was doing everything backstage. Except for Glass Menagerie when Anna, a high school theatre student, came in the day before to help backstage. I had to show her everything that was going on so that was kind of crazy, but I think it really helped me to help someone else. 

TD: Mm yeah. We learn the most when we have to you feel like there was a lot of responsibility placed on you?

JV: Definitely, if I missed a prop it could ruin the show!


TD: I agree...we put a lot on your plate. 

JV: Yeah...I felt first I wouldn't have trusted me [laughs], but then I got the hang of it and it was good I think. 

TD: You did. So you're also an actor and a did it feel to spend an entire summer doing theatre, but not acting or writing?

JV: Once we got to the beginning of Glass Menagerie I was like "I want to act in something already!" I got tired of watching people be awesome [laughs]...but I was happy to be a part of something creative...stepping back and watching I was really proud to be a part of something so creative. 

TD: Do you have future plans or interests with NCP?

JV: No. 


JV: No...[laughing]...I wanna be a part of every show you guys ever do. 

TD: [laughing] Why?

JV: Because it's a lot of fun and you guys are awesome people and I have a feeling that NCP is gonna make a lasting impact...what was the original question again?

TD: Future plans with NCP. 

JV: Oh right...I wanna audition and act for you guys! 

TD: As you should! Any final thoughts or comments?

JV: You didn't ask me how I would improve New City Players...

TD: Oh ok! How would you improve New City Players?

JV: I wouldn't, it's perfect. 


TD: Thanks so much Jesse! We'll see you in the spring!

JV: Thank you!