Monthly support creates stability.

Our most popular giving level is $30/month. That’s $1/day to fuel the arts in South Florida. Become a recurring player and make your community more beautiful. It’s not only about entertainment or escape…it’s about transformation. A monthly gift ensures that transformational experiences occur all year long.


How does my monthly giving support the arts in my community?



Sponsors the scenic design for 1 show or Covers 1/2 the venue rental for 1 show



Covers the licensing rights for 1 show or Sponsors 1 actor for 1 show



Covers 1/2 of the expenses of 1 Forum or Sponsors the props for 1 show




Covers 1/2 the expenses of 1 City Speaks or Sponsors the sound or lighting design for 1 show



Covers the costumes for 1 actor for 1 show or Sponsors the hair and makeup for 2 actors for 1 show


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

We are especially grateful for our Recurring Players’ generous giving and continual support. You fuel the engine that keeps New City Players going!

Amy Arnold

Sara Bailey

Ashley Brooks

Zoot Byrne

Sarah Cougill

Erica & Zach Dade

Kyle & Ally Applegate

Ryan & Hannah Arnst

Art Bailey

Bonnie Berg

Barbara Buzzi

Maura Campbell & Richard Leff

Laura Creel

Andrew Paul Davis

Mark & Karen Davis

Tim & Samantha Davis

Steven Day

Addison Debter

Megan Degraaf

Arlette Del Toro

Joel de Sousa

Evan Doyle

Teresa & Keith Duncan

Sarah Epting

Rachel Erskine

Pierce Gainey

Ernesto Gonzalez

Mary Gundlach

Graham & Hillary Hauser

Teresa Hawkins

Clay & Sheri Hecocks

Ryan & Jessica Huber

Rick & Dede Hunter

Elisabeth & Will Otto

Caroline & Reid Hutchison

Brad & Mandi Jones

Alex Joyel

Paul & Ellen Kirkman

Jonathan & Ashley Kirkman

Shirley Klass

Kinsley & Andrew Whitworth

Lauren Kostoff

Jan & Dave Lashbrook

Jan & Kelly Lyon

Brendan Maloney

Vance & Tammi Maloney

Ryan & Jessica Maloney

Tracy & Mike Manning

Scotty & Rebecca Manor

Craig Michalski

Aaron & Katy Mills

Isidora Miranda

Morgan & Ann Morton

Jim & Ann Mullen

Lisa & Andrew Murray

Sarah Neel

Rick & Tammy Negron

Kathy Paul

Donna Pitts

Conner Reagan

Linda Reid

Amanda Robinson

Katelyn & Daniel Rodman

Haley & Matt Rossi

Robin Rothman

Andrea Rucker

Joseph Ruehlmann

Paulette Sands

Henrietta Santo

Brad & Laine Schmidt

Jessica Schulte

Thomas Severino

Lesley Shell

Mike & Mary Pat Smagala

Dave & Darlene Smith

Joanne Smith

Rachel & Kenny Cox

Bill Swain

Wendy & Tom Sweeting

Grace & J.T. Thee

Sylvia Trein

Krystal Valdes

Diana & Koert Verhagen

Brent & Megan Wells

Robert Wells

Taryn & Tucker Wieland

Alexandra Wolff

Tim Wright

Dorothy & Howie Yontef

Paul & Connie Young



New City Players' 2019 budget is $170,000.

We are in our 4th season, have grown our budget every year, and have remained in the black while doing so.

New City Players is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations are fully eligible for a tax deduction.

A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free (800-435-7352) within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.